Sunday, November 7, 2010

Changelog 7/11/10

Some people don't use their brain, they don't understand that I'll release the HEN as promised, I just thought about porting to 6.31, when Sony releases a new firmware. But some people are so stupid and called me liar. Perhaps it's because my English is very poor - I cannot express very well.
Well...forget it;)

Today I just added some extra features to the HEN, fixed VLF issue and resolved all important NIDs ;)

Changelog 7/11/10 :
- Reversed all systemctrl exports
- Added USB battery charging
- Added ability to watch 480x272 avc video
- Added feature to skip gameboot
- Added possibilty to hide PIC0.PNG and PIC1.PNG
- Fixed issue with some VLF homebrews
- Added possibilty to adjust CPU speed
- Added fake region feature
- Added TN network update
- Resolved all important NIDs
- Encreased homebrew compatibilty
- Compressed rebootex

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

6.31 TN-A (HEN) porting to....?

 I'll release HEN for 6.20. When Sony releases a new firmware (but I don't think so, because they don't care about the PSP anymore), I'll port it to 6.31 (idea by Flyer).

I  am thinking about porting my HEN to 6.31. For that I need an exploit, myself, I found a VSH exploit, but wololo thinks: "This is a waste, better port it to Everybody's Golf and such golf games".

Advantage of VSH exploit:
- You don't need to buy any game
- It's faster to load than starting a game

Disadvantage of VSH exploit:
- One more exploit lost

Advantage of golf exploit:
- Sony already know this exploit, so it's not a waste

Disadvantage of golf exploit:
- Sony can patch/remove the game easily

So, if I port my HEN to the golf exploit, Sony will patch/remove the game and then I have to release my VSH Exploit. Other hackers, do you have an other idea?