Saturday, October 23, 2010

92% homebrews support!

Now the HEN supports 92% of the homebrews. With the NID Translator (30% done, veeery boring),  I can run homebrews with prx, like: PSPDisp, CSPSP Online, FUSA, LightMp3, PMPPlayer, Go!Tube PRXDecrypter, Psardumper and etc.
Some VLF homebrews crashes, I'll resolve this problem;)

I'll release the HEN before Christmas on PSPGEN.COM, and you can follow all updates there!

P.S. PSPGo isn't arrived yet, it has been delayed :(

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Small update 16/10/2010

Today is the last day I work on the HEN. Next week I've school and I am too busy in real life, so I can't work, maybe sometimes on weekends;)

- Added sctrlKernelSetUserLevel, now you can run VLF homebrews!
- Added sctrlKernelSetDevkitVersion
- Cleaned up the code

I haven't expressed clearly, I'll release the HEN before Christmas, but you'll not see many logs anymore, because I'm busy in life;)

Friday, October 15, 2010

90% Homebrew support! Thanks to Davee

Very shit, the guy who said I can borrow his PSP GO didn't send me. He can't because of the parents.... (so stupid! he told it today)
so if I can borrow a PSP Go by someone else / or donate me one^^, please write me an email:
MaGiXieN will give me his PSP Go, thanks to dashhacks for 180EUR!

Video on a PSP-1000:


- ParitionCheck has a new structure, fixed (now you can load unpacked prxes), thanks to Davee!
- One patch of ModuleManager was not right, fixed (now you can run all homebrews), thanks to Davee!
- Added some systemctrl exports

Paypal donation:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some Updates

Because the admin doesn't give me any mod. rights for the pspking forum I opened a simple blog;)
Here I post all my updates and videos allday!

- Added kubridge library (now psardumper can be loaded)
- Added compatibilty with PSP-1000 and PSP-3000 (PSP GO isn't arrived yet)
- You can load prxes (but only packed, thanks for this tip to GENyUS)
- Added mesgled patch (thanks to Dr. Soup)
- Fixed PartitionCheck patch